In which will discuss how a simple Geek has his battles with the world and tries to win.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A weirdo among weirdos

So this post is actually about me, but we can still make it instructive.

Go ahead and search google for 'Omphalophobia'. Only 1 page of results! I am insulted by how Britney Spears can get 84 pages. As you may have guessed (or if you followed the link) it is a phobia, but a strange one: "Fear of belly buttons."

Before you start cracking jokes and go ahead and hurt my feelings I am an omphalophobic.

Ok, GO AHEAD YOU CAN LAUGH!!!!! Not that much though =).

Some details:

  • I can't stand people touching my belly button. I get a self defense rampage as if you were trying to cut my throat.
  • I can't stand people playing with their own belly buttons in my face.
  • If you even talk about touching it, I’ll put my hand over it for about an hour, to protect it like a child.
  • I can see others people's belly buttons, but if they are extremely freaky or have piercings it gives me chills.
  • Only I can touch my belly button and I need super concentration just to do it.

Just wanted to share that with you in case you are also a weirdo. I haven't met anybody else like me and since they have a name for it I shouldn’t be the only one.

PD: I had to write this post with only one hand.

About Free Software and why is Good

I ate a sandwich today...... wait no i don't want this to be one of those blogs. I want to really talk of something of importance. So I'll talk about one of the topics i have closer to my heart, Free Software.

So what exactly is Free Software, well you could ask Richard Stallman or read my simple explanation. Free Software is software with none but one restriction, that it must remain free. Now I really got you confused. In other words you can use it, modify it, break it, copy it, distribute it, destroy it, put it on fire whatever you want, you just have to let it be free. "Not free as in beer, free as in freedom" (Stallman). In other words this software belongs to the world not to any corporation or someone in particular. As you may have guessed Office 2003 is not free software, as it belongs to Microsoft. But don't get confused with the likes of Internet Explorer that is free, as in it didn't cost you nothing, is still belongs to Microsoft, just try to change it, maybe to add feauture X ( X, as in anything) , or for what is worth try unistalling it. It can't be done. Why? because you don't own it. You don't have its source code ( how the program does what it does, like a recipe) so you can't change it. Corporations do this to make money, because if you know how a program is built there is no need to buy it.

If you are not a programmer you may tell yourself: "How in the hell, am I going to alter software you socialist hippy, what do i care". I'll tell you why, because you are giving away your freedom.

  1. Freedom of Speech - Go ahead and ask for feauture X in office. A nice "costumer service specialist" will tell you politely to go to hell. This isn't a democracy.
  2. Freedom of Action - You can't , or anyone at all, customize the software for their needs.
  3. Freedom of Ownership - You think that software you just bought is yours. Pass it to your neightboor, like the landmower he hasn't returned, you'll get in trouble.
Stallman resolved this issues when he wrote a thing he called GPL ( GNU Public Licence ) . It is a licence ( you know what a licence is, remember when you installed that software and had to click 'I agree') to be applied to software. It garantees those freedoms by assuring that every software comes with its source code, and defends the authors ( programmers) from corporations living out of their work. Believe me will be ok (us programmers) there are still tons of custom work to be done, will not be out of out jobs.

The Moral of the post, Get Firefox, Free Software alternative to Internet Explorer learn to program, change it and share it with the world. Don't forget is OURS!!!!.

PD: I'll keep talking about Free Software Later. So much to talk about we'll just have to see.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Welcome to my BLOG.

Ok, I know you are wondering who am I ( unless I gave you the web address, Hi Mom, Dad, Honey!), but if it makes you feel any better I have no idea who you are either. So we have to do some proper introductions. My name is Mon, well my nickname anyways, and I am 24 year old computer scientist student, I hope you'll introduce yourself later =).

For all you wondering why I’m writing this BLOG I assure you is not because all the cool kids are doing it. The real reason is for Prevenge (just like revenge, only sooner). Against who you might ask, if you are still lightly interested =) , against myself or rather who I am to become. If I got you confused don't worry, I’ll explain.

I am about to graduate from collage and realized that although I have good base in my field I have become less and less human oriented. Proved by the fact that I have dropped out of three English courses in the last three semesters because I couldn’t stand them, I almost never go out and have problems of talking anything outside the realm computers. I have been inadvertedly in the process of becoming the machine I've learn to work with.

I've not always been like this, I remember, while still at high school, when I used to write poetry , songs and short stories, loved to hear about Freud , Marx and Nietzsche, had a bunch of friends and acquaintances and just plainly felt happier.

Ok, so i have grown that doesn't disqualify me of being happy. Don't get me wrong I am not at all unhappy or suicidal. I even have a beautifull and loving girlfriend, not bad for a geek, and I don't plan to go the Himalayas for self discovery. I just want to talk to you, and do it often. And maybe, just maybe i can become a better person by doing this. I'll still be a computer scientist and talk about what i am interested in, but at least i will be trying to do it while practicing my writing skills.

Plus, some cool kids are actually doing it. =)